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Online accounting software

The simplest online software to manage your business

Start now, stand out from competitors, reach your goals!

Try it for free for 90 days then pay a small price to revolutionize the way you do business!

Get out of a routine made up of frantic, repetitive tasks that don't really add value.

 Use BizleMe for billing activities, to manage your active and passive cycles, fees and warehouse. With just a few clicks you can say "done" and, if your accountant is part of the online management software revolution, you can work with them with a simplicity that will leave you speechless

Immagini software gestionale online BizleMe da pc, tablet, smartphone. Applicazione che si adatta al dispositivo

Invoice in 3 clicks

Create invoices in 3 clicks: you can create pro-forma invoices as well simple invoices, also with different currencies, sending an automatic invoice with the customer's deadlines and first note. You can customize the document and insert your logo.


Check your liquidity

In ogni momento puoi guardare il fatturato, i costi e la liquidità che hai, tutto in una pagina


Cash-in in 2 clicks

Record receivables on different invoices and check the balance with two simple clicks


Quick quotes

With just a few steps, you can send a quote to customers, or do it together with them using a tablet or smartphone


Always with you

No local installation, BizleMe is always with you! From your PC, Tablet or Smartphone


Remember and request

BizleMe sa sempre cosa rimane da incassare e può mandare email in automatico

Choose the perfect plan for you

Sei ad un passo dal cambiamento, scegli la soluzione giusta per te! Puoi provare e decidere se BizleMe fa per te senza costi per 15 giorni! 

BizleMe is available for companies operating in Albania and will soon be available in Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and England



(VAT excluded)

1 Business

€ 499


(VAT excluded)

3 Companies

€ 699


(VAT excluded)

5 Businesses

Frequently asked questions

When you activate your subscription you pay the fee for 12 months; during this period you can use all the features and assistance is also included in the price. It also includes all the updates we release and the new features based on the subscription you have chosen. You don't need to install anything and you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

There are 3 different subscriptions with an annual fee, and the only difference is the number of businesses you can activate (1,3 or 5 businesses). You can find the annual fees on the price page.

BizleMe is simple and customizable, it adapts to your business and you can try it for free for 60 days. You will be guided in the initial setup and in a few minutes you can be operational!.

We have no limits! You can activate all the people you need and a browser is enough to use it, unlike other products, what interests us is that your business and your people can collaborate in a simple and effective way.

You can contact us via a dedicated email address and you will have support in your language; updates and data backups are free and included in the subscription.

It is kept on our servers and we make a copy of it every day; you can request to retrieve the data at any time in the most popular formats .xls, .mdb, .txt.

When registering, you will be guided through a process with different steps and at the end of it you can start working immediately!

BizleMe is an online management system, therefore a working Internet connection is required, but remember that you can use it everywhere and even using a simple smartphone or tablet. You can also purchase a 3G/UMTS key (rechargeable or by subscription), so that if there is no standard connection you can still use the management software.

BizleMe is the online accounting software made for professionals and companies.

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